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Evolution of Man video - punchatantra

A Song - ajonduty

Yo, its just like installin' a jet engine in your bike, in your car (Yeah)
CE is that accelerator which can take you a lot far...
Its something unconventional,
Outta the books but damn essential
if ya don't wanna be a boring guy havin' a BE - ME
Just switch to CE
Then watch urself go blast and boom through all the others
the corpses of the so called BE ME courses, lets all join CE!
CE is that perfect place where you get to speak, you get to talk.
Not like those lecture rooms where u gotta hear that guy talking!
He puts u in a radio situation,
Lets no one talk, no allegation!
Whether he says right or wrong, all you can do is hear his song,
and try to keep up, try going along, try to be the best in ur class?
"Wait, the best in ur class? How unambitious is that!" In CE, ur room is the world, and u gotta be the best in the world(In the world)
Here u got the best e-n-g-i-n double e r-s who r here to roll,
Its ur chance to use ur brain and rock and roll!
Speak up, keep up, roll out ur thoughts, ur ideas
One by one, in a batch,
CEans share it with the world,
You will know what big is your own catch!
The world lets ya know whats right, whats wrong!
the way to improve, and hit the gong!
The Gong, which the world will hear...
You see ur ideas grow, every day, every hour, every second and u
see ur ideas become not just large, but reach perfection!
Not like those 'in in the class rooms', its your damn idea which the world will agree upon
So don't wait, lets join CE!

An Article - bioramani


Potassium represented by K is a very important element. The alchemists gave it a special symbol. See this mind boggling animation of this element. This gives a brief description of this element so essential to life.
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Potassium is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body, along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function. Many foods contain potassium, including all meats, some types of fish (such as salmon, cod, and flounder), and many fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Dairy products are also good sources of potassium.
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Now you know how important Big K is to our well being. It is very necessary for heart function. However, it can cause hearts (female?) to flutter. This can be investigated by anyone curious. Our own Big K is crucial to the continued health of CE and its constituents. May the Good God give Big K many decades of fulfilling life.

A try for CE Logo - sada

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Birthday Greeting and Doodle- reya

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A Wish from your sister - abrakadabra

Emails are all we have around, there is no time to write letter.
Life is moving fast and we have to move on undeterred.
Birthdays are sweet reminders of seeing how things are getting better,
I take this opportunity to say that mine is 2 days later.
Wishing all the enthusiasm & fun in the world to Biggie & awesome times ahead for CrazyEngineers.

Happy Birthday Big K! You totally rock!

The Great CE Play - by a CEan

Rupam was sitting in CE office labs (something the size of Dexter's laboratory)
Rupam Das: Eureka Eureka, I have got a latest business idea!
Godfather: What is it? (Excited)
Rupam Das: I will invent how to use technology.
Optimystix: For example?... (Looking confused)
Rupam Das: yesterday I invented how screw a bolt with a hammer!
[Irritated Durga Gives Rupam and furious, angry look]

Aj_Onduty comes running inside crying for his life as if the earth is going to end the moment itself.
(Aj_Onduty was looking anxious and afraid)
Aj_Onduty: Noooo nooooo they will kill me, Beat me to death and I won’t ever see my family again. Please help me!
Reya: What happened, Aj? Is everything alright? (Looks panicky)
Aj_Onduty: save me Reya, they will kill me.
Optimistyx: Why will anybody kill you? (Worried expressions on his face)
Aj_Onduty: I saw a photo of Jimmy Wells on Wikipedia page asking for more money.
Reya: So? (Looking curious)
Aj_Onduty: I said he is acting like Government ministers and somebody heard me (Sobs)

The Big_K brings in exercising Gym machines in the CE office.
Anoopthefriend: Hey Biggie which machine would you prefer to impress a girl?
The_Big_K: Never thought before.
Pensu: Jogging machine?
Lovejeet: Weighing machine!
Godfather: How about an ATM machine?

(The_Big_K was frustrated sitting in new CE office earching and deleting the spams.)
The_Big_K: Nowadays these spammers mailing me the spam. Look at this mail Rupam.
Anoop: Oh this looks like my poem. (Confused)
AKD: These spammers are getting ridiculous. Yes banning them.
(Everyone in Chorus. Ban Them, Kill them, Finish them)
(AKD takes Big_K's wand and waves it over the spaml... Nothing happens)
Praveen-Kumar: Looks like you forgot to push the button X with latest suprano technology especially developed to Blah blah blah....
(Praveen-Kumar talks of the new wand configuration enthusiastically while talking technology everyone dozes off)
The_Big_K was down on energy as if nothing is left to do more in life, miserable, sad and every dull expression on his face. And feels pity for level of replies from above four scenes of CEans)
The_Big_K (thinks to himself): pathetic future of engineering! Nothing can be done of them.
The_Big_K: You people are CRAZY (Cries aloud out of frustrations)
Everyone sitting there (All CEans) shouts in chorus- YES because today is CrazyEngineers day! Happy CE day to all!

A small work - civilprincess

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An Article - cooltwins

We, like most of you, landed in CE due to a random search and are thanking Google for it, ever since. Since then our journey in CE has been filled with learning loads of new stuff, helping others with what we know, making new friends and staying updated in current happenings in engineering field. In this write up both of us will share our experiences with CE, how it influenced our lives and what CE is made of! Here we go… When we joined engineering, we were totally focused on getting good grades and landing in CE changed this idea of ours. We wanted to DO more engineering stuff than to STUDY them.

A simple cell phone jammer discussion bought us to CE and we realized that it’s more than just a forum. People were ready to help each other out here. And the most important thing we earned out of CE is the like-minded and supportive friends we have here! We had entered a B Plan contest last year and we mentioned it in CE. And most of our votes were from CEans. We thank CE and CEans for that. The same way when some CEans grouped together for a project contest recently, it was wonderful to see so much activity around it and support extended by other CEans towards it. The words “that’s not my job” never comes out of a CEan’s mouth (or rather hand, I should say ;) ). Even if someone is asking for help in some section or engineering discipline that a CEan is not associated with, they try to give their inputs to help them. Hats off to CEans for that and for CE to bringing them all together! Unlike in colleges the knowledge growth here is not restricted to selected engineering discipline. We tend to learn at least a tiny bit of the others. That is through the VoiCE articles and the energetic discussions within the forum. This is one thing that shaped us to what we are. Initially we had limited knowledge, that too only in our engineering discipline. But now we’ve become better ENGINEERS! (Not just “civil” or “electronics” engineer). The awesome VoiCE posts update us on every new technology and news which gives us an edge over the rest.

And for a nice CE experience we need a clean CE, for which we have our admin and a battalion of awesome mods. But CEans don’t wait for mods to clear up the spams and they report them to the mods instantaneously and they do the needful. Thanks to all those who’ve worked backstage to keep CE running glitch-free! Thank you Biggie! You guys are awesome! Last year’s 5th CE birthday celebration was a blast! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the day to the fullest. It was the best day at CE for sure. Contests and fun kept CEans glued to the forum and traffic soared high! Hope it gets even better this year! :) We sign off wishing CE a happy birthday and wishing that it reaches greater heights! And happy birthday biggie :)

Portrait of Biggie - Deepika Bansal

CE6 wallpaper - Eternal Thinker

The wallpaper is a quick work, due to time constraints of making the whole presentation!
Hope you like it :)

Click here to download!

Birthday tune - Cooldudeiet